How to get to the TOP of Google FAST – Part 1

How to get to the TOP of Google FAST – Part 1

Here’s the first of three videos that show you how to dominate the search engines with your website.

I made this video a few months back when promoting one of my software products.  Now that product is temporarily off the market but the videos are still chalk full of great SEO tricks that you can implement on your website right now.

In the videos, it’s my goal to greatly simplify the world of SEO.  I’ll dispell many SEO myths and give you the steps to get your website to the top of Google FAST!

These videos come after a lot of research and conducting numerous tests and now you can benefit from all my hard work.  The most important thing you can do is to take action!  Follow the steps in these videos and let me know your results.


3 Responses to “How to get to the TOP of Google FAST – Part 1”

  1. Mike Peacock Says:

    Hey Kyle,
    Great stuff here! Most people just don’t know how to expand wide and deep. I can say it really does bring a lot of traffic for a long time. I also write articles for each page to keep em coming.

    Mike – TheGadgitech

  2. Tanya Says:

    Hey Kyle, your stuff it absolutely awesome.. it’s easy to follow and best of all its free, I have spent alot of money buying e-books etc, that are jam packed with stuff that is confusing and time consuming.

    Thank you for making it simple.
    I look forward to more videos and utilising the lessons learnt here.

    Youre the bomb!!!!

  3. sara matherly Says:

    very informative. I cant wait to use some of these ideas!!!

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