The Difference Between Winners and Losers

Posted on: October 8, 2011
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Here’s a secret that most beginners simply aren’t willing to hear. It literraly took me over six years of bumping my head against the wall, thinking that I “got it,” but frankly didn’t.

It’s a secret that we’ve heard (and dismissed) a thousand times, but at the end of the day, most still simply don’t get it…and I mean REALLY get it.

The SINGLE BIGGEST difference between where you are and the life you’ve always dreamed of is trumpeted in this video. The question is, are you gonna smile and nod your head? or are you gonna finally “get it?”

Wildfire Sneak Peak

Posted on: July 29, 2011
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I’m putting the finishing touches on a very special piece
of software that will seriously improve your business forever!
I guarantee it’s like NOTHING you’ve ever seen.
It will be ready next week, so be sure to watch out for it.

Here’s a sneak peak… :)

How to GUARANTEE your next business project will succeed

Posted on: July 4, 2011
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We’ve all experienced it in business! That momentary burst of inspiration that keeps us up late at night; it’s all you can think of…heck! it’s often the very REASON we quit our jobs to start this business. Then because of all the sacrifices we made in order to realize our “next big” idea, we feel an “obligation” to make sure it’s perfect, so we stay up even later, work even harder, tweaking the copy and making sure the graphics are perfect, then if you’re lucky, you FINALLY launch the product.

Unfortunately, most people never even get THIS far, but if you do, congratulations! There’s a 90% chance your idea (no matter how revolutionary) will FAIL. I don’t mean to be negative, but unfortunately, the ugly truth is…


But what if you had a foolproof system to GUARANTEE that the next project, idea, or burst of inspiration is an absolute success?

This is what we’ll be exploring today…a FOOL PROOF way to guarantee your project is a success.

This process is responsible for almost ALL of the success that I’ve had online. Although it sounds so simple and intuitive, it defies logic why so many Internet Marketers fail to work this way. Even though it’s simple, it will take a fundamental paradigm shift in your thinking to embrace this ideology…

Make sure you watch until the end because that’s where all the good stuff is and let me know your thoughts!


Important! Get your Facebook Vanity URL Tonight!!

Posted on: June 12, 2009
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This can’t wait! It is IMPORTANT!!

Starting tonight at midnight Eastern US time (that would be 9:00pm Pacific time) you can claim your name as a facebook URL.

So right now if you want to send someone to your profile, you would have to figure out a URL that looks something like this:

But wouldn’t you rather have

Starting tonight at midnight Eastern US time (that would be 9:00pm Pacific time) you can claim your name as a facebook URL.

But here’s the catch – it’s first come, first serve. So Here’s what to do.

Tonight at midnight US Eastern time, login to Facebook then go to

You will see a form that will give you several suggested usernames, and the ability to choose your own. Either choose one of the names suggested or type in your own.

That’s everything! I’ll be there at midnight, and you should be there too!

My Four Best Videos Free

Posted on: April 24, 2009
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Here is a selection of pre-selected videos that I know will have an immediate impact in your business right away.  Watch them now (in any order) and let me know your thoughts.  I promise, if you follow the advice in these videos, you WILL see an immediate improvement in your business.

“How to set up a fully functional website in less than 10 minutes” – Armed with just $7, I build a working site right before your eyes in under 10 minutes.  Pause the video, do what I do, and your new site will be up in under 10 minutes too.  Watch it Here

“How to Guarantee Your Next Project Will Succeed” – This Video is a MUST see.  If you’re working on a project now, or have one in mind, definitely watch this video right now.  It will save you A LOT of time, trial, and error. – Watch it Here

“How to Bend the Web to Your Will” – This is an extremely powerful technique you can use right now to become 100 times smarter than your competition.  This is NOT hype…you just have to see it to believe it – Watch it Here

“How to Get to the TOP of Google FAST” – This is a video series I made about a year ago that shows YOU how to rank #1 in Google – Watch it here

How to Bend the Web to Your Will – Part 2

Posted on: April 13, 2009
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Trouble viewing this video? Click here to watch the NON-HD version instead

In Part 1 of the Bend the Web to Your Will video Series, I said that we’d be building an automated, dedicated research staff that will report to you each day the top news in your industry, or the moment your competitors even breaths.

In the early days of the Internet (pre-Web 2.0) people mainly used Google to find quality information on the web, but with the recent explosion of web 2.0, there are now thousands of websites for this.  The problem with this, however, is this is exactly the reason why Web 2.0 is killing a lot of people right now!  Social media is so powerful because any and everyone can contribute information to the internet, which dramatically increases the amount of information available, which in turn leads to the perception that social media is “information overload.”

Well, I want to suggest that this is a misdiagnosis of the problem.  It’s not that it’s information overload, it’s that there are a limitation of the filters to help you sort through that information.  And in the last video, I introduced you to a few good “filters” for this information (Google, Google Alerts, Twitter Search, and Social Bookmarking sites).  In this video, using the magic of RSS, I’m gonna show you how to put all of this on auto-pilot!  I’m gonna show you how you can take all of these quality information sources and pipe only the good stuff into a manageable platform, so that whenever you’re ready for it, it’s there waiting for you.

After watching this video, let me know what you think!  And even better, set one up for yourself!

Do I REALLY need to know “WHO” clicked on my Twitter links?

Posted on: January 27, 2009
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I’m a BIG fan of Google Reader. It helps me sift through mountains of data in minutes. It’s literally my portal to the web. One of my biggest uses of it is to keep track of anyone who talks about me or one of my projects around the web. And earlier today, I read a post over at about TwitClicks. The author had some great things to say about us, but he brought up an important question about TwitClicks that I realized I’ve never fully explained regarding the “see the specific user who clicks on twitter links” feature:

In short, he asked, ‘Do I REALLY need to know “WHO” clicked on my Twitter links?’ and more importantly, ‘What do I do with all that data?’

Well here’s my take on it all:

Realizing that Twitter is a great tool for connecting with your blog readers and followers, I created TwitClicks to help people prioritize these efforts. As social media evolves, “information overload” will increase and online business owners will continue to become more and more fragmented in their efforts to succeed. I’ll illustrate: Picture the web before search engines came along. There was a TON of data out there, but until there were search engines, there was no good way to sort through it all.

Well with the dawn of Web 2.0 and user-contributed data, the amount of information on the web literally exploded…way faster than search engines can keep up, so more and more tools like Google Reader,, and others are starting to arrive to assist in the “filtering” of all this data.

Now that social media has gone main-stream and EVERYONE is now talking about it, it’s clear that 2009 will see an even further spike in the amount of information available online which will create an even further demand for tools that help filter this data.

One more example: We all love twitter, but do you ever get a little overwhelmed about all the people talking about their cats, or their ‘visit to the doctor’? As a result, some say, ‘who care’s’, or ‘twitter sucks’, but what they’re feeling is really a symptom of the larger issue: And that is, Twitter is great! but it doesn’t do such a great job at letting people FILTER their data.

Ok, so back to the question at hand, “Do I REALLY need to know “WHO” clicked on my Twitter links?” The answer, in short is…Yes…Yes you do. TwitClicks helps users, particularly online marketers, to better determine WHO to focus their efforts on in their online strategy, whether it’s determining who to network with or knowing how to refine their tweets for maximum effect, and the like.

Without filtering tools like TwitClicks,, or Google Reader, as information on the internet continues to grow, users will become more and more overwhelmed with what we all know of as “information overload.” In other words, they have too much data to sort through.

In a future post, I’ll go into more details as how you can use this new-found wealth of Twitter-data to better optimize your marketing, your networking, and so much more with Twitter.

What do you think?