Brian Tracy Success Formula

Posted on: September 4, 2011
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I found this video via Brendon Berchard’s awesome Experts Academy’s site, and I embedded it here, along with my notes:

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Download My Notes Here

Patterns of Success

  • Be willing to work harder than everyone else
  • (Interview with top ten business minds) – You fail over & over, but it’s one of the prices to pay for being successful (failure is FAR more common than success)
  • 10% factor (Case in point: David Foster: 100 hit songs, 22 grammies — 1000 failures) – There’s a certain number of failures that you MUST endure before lots of success (just don’t know how much) as soon as you’ve gotten through the failure you’ll be successful (“who can get rejected the most”).
    <- fear of rejection is what holds us back … if u didn’t care, you’d take more action.
  • Success is probabilistic…but you can influence that probability (winning edge…people who succeed are usually just a nose better than those who fails)


Force multipliers – small force beating larger force
— i.e. top military schools studies these:

  • speed
  • intelligence
  • concentration(move faster, concentrating on a key point of vulnerability)


10 Business Force-Multipliers

(Dramatically Increase Your Probability of Success)

  1. Knowledge (continually replenish or you’re falling behind)…sometimes its just one thing (just don’t know what…so gobble it up)
  2. Skill (results) – must be in top 10% (that’s where the money is)…must ask yourself – “what one skill would u have to be an expert in to double income” – “is this in top %”  … weakest key skill sets the height of your income <- fix that, it’s your ball and chain (like a buffet line…get in line, stay in line, move through line via knowledge & skill…left foot is knowledge, right foot is skill…keep moving…eventually get to front…keep moving or get left behind).  nobody’s better/smarter than u…same brain power
  3. Contacts (networking) –  every place u go is someone who will take u to the next step. ~ “what can i do for u”…planting seeds…it’s a law (reciprocity) – will come back (u’ll notice that with a lot of successful people)….more u give, more u get
  4. Money – if u don’t have it, it has a negative result (centrifugal force – spin upwords, centripital force – spin inwards)…have more $, attract more $, have less, attract less.  – don’t need a lot, but do need some.  If u can’t save, you can never be great.  More $ u save (untouchable), more $ u attract.  put it in an untouchable account…it will attract more.
  5. Character (integrity…always keep your word)
  6. Good work habits – work hard, work well, get a lot done, stay later.
  7. Image – look good on outside (successful people look it) … get up, dress properly, people will hear it and see it (even if they can’t see it)
  8. Creativity – (better/faster/cheaper/etc.) qty determines quality (gotta try a lot of things)
  9. Positive Mental Attitude – people are attracted to positive people.
  10. Luck – if u have everything else, you’ll have “luck”


Final Key Points

  • Need for speed (no such thing as coasting)…collect rejections/failures. Fast feedback, you’re getting better automatically.
  • Competition – admire them (never rest, because they are copying everything good that you do)
  • Know Your Number – there’s is one number that is the most important contribution to success…different for everyone.  Must know it (think 80-20 rule).  Like driving and taking the wrong road.  Once u know it, be laser focused on it.


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